About Us

We have 4 values in regards to optimizing people and organizations.


Swift and Extensive Knowledge

We provide extensive knowledge about subsidies nationwide with our centrally-managed system. Our data resources are updated in real time to constantly bring you the newest and most valuable information.


Highly Available Sense of Security

Not only do we offer our services over the phone and through e-mail, but we are also making efforts to offer accessible in-person support. Our vision is to establish branches throughout Japan to provide a sense of security for our clients by increasing the number of locations available for in-person consulting.


High Return Investments

By meeting the requirements and following procedure, companies have successfully received Grant Subsidies (Joseikin) and reported feeling the postive impact it had on their businesses. In the case of Subsidiary Aid (Hojokin) applications, we take great care at looking into details such as the success rate of previous applications and differentiations between company service and products in order to deliver a thorough application that will award the highest return.


Enterprise Transformation through Process Consulting

Enterprises must continuously make profit, but it is the company organization that must make it happen. Producing positive results one time is meaningless if it can not be done again. To that end, we value Process Consulting as a way to reassess if the inner-workings of the enterprise are being undermined in any way. By reevaluating the company’s procedures and finding key points that need to be addressed, we can aid in the forward progress of Enterprise Transformation.